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What do I need to wear?

We provide the ski/boarding equipment.

Gloves and long sleeves must be worn at all times. Clothing is not included in the ticket price however gloves can be purchased from Reception or on our online booking system for £3

What is required for recreational skiing and boarding.

You must be able to control your speed and direction and use the lifts, otherwise, you must have a lesson. Recreational sessions are in 2-hour slots, £23 for adults and £18 for junior. 

Do you supply the equipment?

We supply all the equipment you need – skis, boards, boots, poles and helmets are included in the price of a lesson or recreational ticket. Gloves and long sleeves must be worn at all times. Clothing is not included in the ticket price however gloves can be purchased from Reception.

Do I need to wear a helmet?

We have now introduced a ‘Helmet Wearing Policy’ for under 16’s. All skiers and boarders on a junior ticket must wear a helmet.

Helmets are available from ski/board hire and are included in your ticket price.

Can I just come and have a go at learning by myself, without formal lessons?

No. For insurance and safety reasons all complete beginners must have lessons until they reach the minimum standard for recreational open practice. The beginner lesson covers basics such as stopping, changing direction and safe use of the equipment and slope.

When it rains/snows at The Hill can I use the slope?


In snow we would only suspend recreational use because of too much ice.

Can I bring a group and teach them to ski or board at the Centre?

No, the Centre’s policy is that only our approved instructors and coaches can teach at the facility.

Do you have specific practice times for ski and boarding?

No, you can practice at any time during our normal opening hours with the possible exceptions of race/event sessions when all or part of the runs are restricted for use by competitors and during the ‘Saturday Club’ session from 9am till 12pm every Saturday. 

Do lessons go ahead in bad weather?

Yes, the Centre rarely closes due to adverse weather conditions, please be prepared to go out in all weathers (see clothing, above).

Do I need to pre-book sessions?

We recommend pre-booking to avoid disappointment. You can book via our online booking system on our website, or you can call us on 01706 226457.

What is the minimum age for juniors for Ski/boarding & tubing?

Children are allowed to:

Ski from 5 years +

Snowboard from 8 years+

Tubing from 5 years+


Our kindergarten club on Saturday children can be as young as 3+ to attend this.

Is Ladies Ski on a Friday only for skiers?

Yes, ladies’ morning is ideal for people who can control their speed and come to a complete stop. 

We do host beginner courses which are 4 weeks for £60. Dates vary for the next available date keep an eye on our social channels and homepage of our website for updates. 

After the 4 weeks you will be able to join ladies morning with confidence and ski with the rest of the ladies. 

Ladies morning is from 10am – 12pm every Friday Morning for £12

Do you cater for birthday parties?

Yes we do! Choose from two packages our Alpine package which includes an activity and room hire! 

or our Alpine Plus Package which includes an activity, 30 minute of tubing and room hire! 

Check out our party page for all information – https://thehilluk.com/parties/ 

You are more than welcome to bring your own food & decorations. Please note we do not supply food or decorations.